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Cloud Services

Cloud Services - Overview

DMX India helps create a cloud based IT environment without the fear of losing control of your IT with unlimited scalability while maintaining strict control of the most critical parts.

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Cloud is evolving like never before with multitudes of offering to choose from and companies of all shapes and sizes are embracing the many ways in which Cloud could redefine how their IT services are delivered and consumed. It can transform how your business is done, increase collaboration, maximize the value of your IT services and allow you and your business to operate seamlessly.

Our expert team stays at the core of all our solutions. The team will ensure satisfaction and work to find just the right solution for you.


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Benefits of using DMX Cloud Implementation-

✔  Easy to use Self-Service Portal

✔  Self provisioning of VALUE VM instances as well as Premium Servers

✔  HA functionality for both shared Vm pools and dedicated servers

✔  Quick data migration at peak business hours within seconds, without causing any        business loss

✔  Reduced TCO with the pay per use / pay per go subscription based model approach

✔  Shift in cost from Capital expense (Capex) to Opex

✔  Customer satisfaction

✔  Increase in new business

✔  Lessened workload of operations

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